How to maximize plant growth and crop?

With CO2 and Know – How!

How to maximize plant growth and crop? With CO2 and Know – How!

Many greenhouses have a cogeneration power plant to generate heat and electricity for their own requirements or to supply power to public mains networks. Exhaust gases generated as a result are rich in CO2 – but they also contain many ingredients which are toxic for plants, these including nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HxCy) and carbon monoxides (CO).

 Increase plant growth and crop by up to 40 %!


The exhaust gas, cleaned by a HuHES CO2 unit, can be used to enhance the CO2 level in the greenhouse. This effect will increase the plant growth by up to 40 %. The ambient air has only a CO2 content of 320 to 360 vpm which is not optimal for a lot of plants. Today’s experience says that the optimum CO2 level for most efficient plant growth is between 600 to 1600 vpm of CO2. Vegetables or crops normally need higher values than ornamental plants.

Maximum safety for your crop!

Exhaust gas treatment plants from HuHES enable you to reduce the harmful ingredients to a minimum. Our plants employ the SCR principle for NOx reduction. This means that limit values of <12 ppm NO and <10 ppm NO2 can be realised (hourly average values). A so-called oxidation catalyst is located downstream of the SCR catalyst. This reduces levels of the herbicide ethylene to a limit value of <300ppb C2H4 and oxidises the carbon monoxide and oxygen present in the exhaust gas to produce carbon dioxide. Our plants are delivered in a condition conforming to the guidelines of major insurance companies.

Increase the effectiveness of your cogeneration unit by using the CO2 from the exhaust!

Maximum availability and reliability – with HuHES support and service!
Service is not only a part of our company name – it is our philosophy. We accompany you, from the planning, through the realisation and the following support of your CO2 systems.
Valuable knowhow and years of practical experience in the area of greenhouse catalysts mean that we are a qualified and authoritative partner when it comes to service. Spare parts and catalyst on stock, online monitoring, 24/7 hotline are day to day basics for us. We take care of your auxiliaries, so you can focus on your core business!

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