H+H SCR Technology for lower NOx emissions


We're running the simulation...

» to understand what factors need to be considered for an optimal process.
» to verify whether a theory or assumption is valid for the design of the catalyst system.
» to optimize and then to enable the maximum efficiency of the exhaust gas treatment system.

We examine the system

depending on the customer's wishes and requirements, for

» fluid dynamics
» heat transport
» statics
» reaction and diffusion processes and
» electrical and electrochemical properties

For example, the geometry of the reactor and dosing amount of the ammonia can be adjusted, the flow can be controlled by baffles or the urea distribution in the mixing unit can be homogenized. Undesirable errors found in your system can also be analyzed.

The powerful tool of the FEM simulation saves a lot of work through precise predictions or insights into all technical systems and processes.

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Our service engineers have been working for more than 30 years in the field
of exhaust gas and air treatment technology. Should you have any question,
we would be pleased to support you.