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Innovative solutions
for more than 30 years

For more than 30 years H+H is available to
their customers as competent partner in the
SCR technology throughout the world.

H+H SCR Technology for lower NOx emissions
H+H SCR Technology for lower NOx emissions

Your partner for exhaust gas and air treatment technology

H+H Engineering & Service

Environmental protection in the area of exhaust gas and air treatment technology involves more than the choice of the
appropriate technology.  Only a sophisticated and detailed concept suited to your processes and procedures can enable
the achievement of a balance between efficiency and sustainability. 

Since 2007 H+H Engineering & Service GmbH is a leading supplier of SCR (DeNOx) Systems for exhaust gas and air treatment
technology for  stationary  combustion engines  (diesel, gas, dual fuel, bio oil and rapeseed oil), for non-engine combustion processes
(biomass, glass furnace, SNCR-SCR combination, industrial boilers),  marine engines (Cargo, Cruise, Fishing, Fish Farming, Offshore,
Research, Wind Farm Supply)  as well as for  CO2 Systems for greenhouses.

Quality made in Germany

As one of the most experienced company in this technology we offer all components just as the SCR/oxidation catalyst,
SCR housing, urea pump, compressor, dosing unit, PLC, urea nozzle and NOx analyzer from one source and 100% made in Germany.

Our core competences include catalyst design, development, PLC Programming and Commissioning as well as Service and Maintenance. 
Especially our flexibility in variable and small sizes of SCR catalyst and our experience in service on more than 750 SCR installations
worldwide belong to our strengths. The team around H+H Managing Directors Dipl. Ing. Hartmut Ritter and Jürgen Müller has more than
30 years of experience in this highly specialized field of business
and established a network of worldwide partners, thus providing fast
and efficient service throughout the whole world.

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Global references speak for themselves

Our References

  • Marine SCR Systems


    AKOFS Seafarer  

    Engine Producer:

    Type: 6L32 / 8L32
    Power: 2880 / 3840 kW
    Fuel: MGO

  • Marine SCR Systems


    Hovden Viking  

    Engine Producer:

    Rolls Royce
    Type: C25:336LP
    Power: 1900 kW
    Fuel: MGO

  • Marine SCR Systems

    Fish Farming


    Engine Producer:

    Type: 3512C
    Power: 1350 kW
    Fuel: MGO

  • Marine SCR Systems

    Wind Supply Vessel

    Edda Passat  

    Engine Producer:

    Type: 16V4000M63
    Power: 2000 kW
    Fuel: MGO

  • Marine SCR Systems


    Silja Symphony  

    Engine Producer:

    Type: 8R32E
    Power: 3200 kW
    Fuel: MGO