Exhaust gases cannot be prevented –
but we can clean them and thus protect people
and the environment from damage in a sustainable way.

Our mission

Future-proof action

We find solutions to clean exhaust gases to
environmentally friendly standards.

H+H SCR Technology for lower NOx emissions
H+H SCR Technology for lower NOx emissions

Our vision

Planetary Health – A world with clean air through ultra low emissions for ALL – PEOPLE and NATURE.

Our mission

Clean air to protect people, animals, vegetation and the climate. That is what we stand
for with our solutions – adapted to your application to clean exhaust gases. Our common
goal is to ensure a healthy planet through clean air.

We solve the daily challenge and develop sustainable and high quality exhaust gas treatment
systems for a clean environment.

We develop SCR (DeNOx) solutions – adapted to your application to clean exhaust gases for
stationary and maritime combustion engines and for non-motor combustion processes.

We are specialized in catalyst design, development, PLC programming, commissioning as
well as service and maintenance.

We focus on the variable and small SCR catalyst design and rely on our experience in service
with more than 1000 SCR systems worldwide.

We are professionals for the niche if there are no SCR solutions available by the
engine manufacturers.

Sustainability also plays a major
role in our company: 

» Resource-friendly handling
» Paperless office
» Lighting switched to LED
» Postal delivery with DHL GoGreen

“The highest compliment to us is customer
satisfaction being confirmed as soon as the
customer trusts in our services a second time.

Our values

We appreciate the cultures and laws of the countries in which we operate.

  • We constantly keep ourselves up to date with the latest technology and legislation.
  • We work service-oriented with our own service technicians, service partners as well as worldwide representatives and thus ensure a high availability of spare parts.

We respect the interests of our customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

  • We communicate with our customers, colleagues and partners at eye level and focus on absolute customer satisfaction.
  • We successfully implement our customer projects with our experienced and highly qualified colleagues of our established project management

We constantly develop our structures and processes.

  • We monitor and review our processes in accordance with the guidelines and pillars of DIN EN ISO 9001 acc. to which we are certfied. (Download)
  • We fulfil customer requirements as well as applicable legal and official regulations and follow the latest market developments.
A quality management certificate for engineering, commissioning and service of exhaust gas cleaning systems can be seen.

Numerous projects and satisfied customers

These references speak for themselves

Our customers in the maritime, stationary and greenhouse
sectors rely on our expertise in commissioning, service
and maintenance.

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