H+H the Blog for clean exhaust gas

H+H SCR Technology for lower NOx emissions
H+H SCR Technology for lower NOx emissions

Who we are?

We, that are for the start of the blog just Dr. Thomas Ritter and Jürgen Müller.

Thomas studied environmental engineering and worked on the topic of exhaust gas cleaning and sensor technology during his doctoral thesis. Thomas has been a member of Team H+H since 2018.

Jürgen has PLC programming as background and is in the SCR business since 1997. Starting as commissioning engineer, then service manager, founded H+H in 2007 and is now responsible for the Marine SCR and fertico2.

What’s our motivation for the Blog?

With introduciton of new and tighter regulations a much wider market will be affected. The operators of CHP units, shipowner, etc. are somehow left alone by the authorities but being confronted with limit values and when these will apply. There is little to no service for consultation. 

What content will be published?

We will be publishing in all areas of exhaust gas cleaning and try to bring “light into the dark”. It will mainly be technical content, new regulations, norms, key technologies and comparision articles.

If you have ideas for articles, questions, etc. don’t hestitate to contact us by mail or via LinkedIN. Thomas and Jürgen are looking forward to your propositions and feedback.